Longi Solar

ResidentialSolar Panels

Our residential solar panel systems at Countryman Solar can help lower your energy bills and increase your home's value.

By installing solar panels on your roof, you can protect yourself from future increases in energy costs by reducing your reliance on traditional energy providers. Solar panel installation is a wise long-term investment, with benefits that accrue over time.

At Countryman Solar, we prioritize understanding your needs and providing the most appropriate solution.


CommercialSolar Panels

Our commercial solar panel lineup at Countryman Solar can help cut down your business's operating costs while boosting its value by stabilizing energy expenses and empowering you to manage energy consumption effectively.

Installing a solar system for your business could yield substantial annual savings on energy bills. It also shields your business from escalating power rates, ensuring you've made a prudent investment.

Solar panel installation is a long-term endeavor with enduring benefits. At Countryman Solar, we prioritize understanding your business's requirements and delivering tailored solutions.


Battery StorageSystems

Solar energy generation relies on sunlight, which isn't consistently available. However, by harnessing daytime-generated electricity to fulfill evening energy needs, you can effectively double your solar energy utilization.

Incorporating a battery into the system enables surplus energy to be stored for nighttime use rather than returning it to the grid. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred over lead-acid ones due to their greater energy storage capacity in a smaller footprint. The greater the battery capacity installed, the more solar energy can be stored. Pairing photovoltaic panels with solar batteries offers the most cost-effective solution.